Login Factory Service Mode: BenQ Lcd Monitor

  1. The Older and latest version of BenQ LCD Monitor have diference method to login factory service mode. The older version login method is: Press and hold the "MENU" & EXIT" button, then press "POWER" button to on the lcd monitor.
  2. After on lcd monitor, you need to press "i" button, now you can login to  their factory service mode. 
  3. We can look at the above photo, the early or older benq lcd monitor, they only have a little information on it. They just show the white balance functinon on factory service mode for adjustment only.
  4. The new model of BenQ lcd monitor, their login factory service mode method are difference from the early model lcd monitor. Firstly, press the "POWER", "SELECT" and "MENU" button at the same time. After on lcd monitor, press the "v" button, now you can login to the factory service mode.
  5. The above photo is factory service mode for BenQ FP241WZ lcd monitor. Bottom of the photo have show out their manufacturer time and lcd panel part number.