Manual Reset Methods for Canon MP500 All In One Printer

The Canon PIXMA MP500 All-In-One Photo Printer is printer with Copier and Scannerfeatures. The Canon MP500 is a great printer from Canon. In the market this printer priced about$150. The best feature from the Canon MP500 is easy to setup, excellent printing quality output, provide color display LCD, provides memory slot to print directly from memory card, easy to  scan and copy document and this printer is a cheap printer (with price $150 it beats most of the $300-400 printers).
The basic problem in all canon Problem is counter. The software resetter for Canon PIXMA MP500 at this time not available in internet. To reset this you can do manual reset mentioned below. To reset this canon printer model you must enter into service mode then reset the counter from service mode.

The reset method for Canon Pixma MP500 All-In-One Photo Printer
1. Entering into Service Mode
  1. Start with printer connected to power cord (electric source)
  2. Press and hold STOP/RESET button.
  3. Press and hold POWER button.
  4. Release STOP/RESET button without releasing power button.
  5. Click STOP/RESET two times and then release power button.
2. Reset the Canon Pixma MP500 All-In-One Photo Printer
  • After the printer entering into service mode, prepare paper on the printer paper tray
  • Press Stop/reset button for 1 times and then press power button, await till printer finished print.
  • Press Stop/reset button for 2 times and then press power button, The printer will print again. Await till printer finished print again.
  • Press Stop/reset button for 3 times then press power button to reset EEPROM.
  • Press Stop/reset button for 4 times then press power button to reset Waste Ink Counter.
  • Switch off the printer. if printer doesn’t turn off, press button power until printer off.
Download software resetter for canon printer